domingo, 22 de abril de 2018

Preston Glass - Presents - Love and Compassion

Preston Glass - Presents - Love and Compassion Varios Artistas

O premiado produtor, compositor e músico Preston Glass criou uma compilação maravilhosa de novas gravações de artistas consagrados e novos apropriadamente intitulado “Love & Compassion" que você pode conferir abaixo. 

1 Love Always Wins by Eugene Cole
2 Hookup at the Heart by Tony Lindsay
3 In the Meantime (feat. Gerald Alston) by Willie Bradley
4 Peace Is More by Clif Payne
5 Without a Doubt by Voices of Glory
6 Welcome to the Human Race by Freda Payne
7 Ghetto Child by Brandon Wattz
8 Weapons of Love by Jacnique Nina
9 Love Will Get Us Through the Times by Latoya London
10 Like Family by Rags Moody Iii
11 From One Extreme to the Other by Bishop Wayne
12 Empowered by David Nathan
13 Give Each Other Love (feat. The Fam) by Domonique Brown
14 Amen to That by Stephanie Angelini
15 Someday Is Now by Aiyana Lee
16 Love Is by Amy Keys
17 The Path of Compassion by Chubby Tavares

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